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Jade’s Choice - a paranormal romance book by Maree Anderson

Jade’s Choice

Book Three of The Crystal Warrior Series

Finalist: Romance Writers of New Zealand Clendon Award
for full-length romantic manuscript.

Jade’s a talented painter, forced to give up her dreams of art school to care for her chronically ill sister. Faced with escalating medical bills, Jade lies to her sister and her best friend, and advertises herself as an escort. Her ad is answered by The Crystal Guardian, who promptly locks her in a motel room with Malach, the Crystal Warrior he’s chosen to be her bond-mate.

Malach’s first bonding attempt failed and he believed he would be put to death by the Crystal Guardian. He discovered a far worse fate was to again be condemned to years of torment and sensory deprivation, and he’s vowed to kill himself rather than endure imprisonment a third time. Jade is horrified when she learns the true extent of Malach’s suffering. She’s determined to save him, but it could be a losing battle… because he’s still in love with the woman who refused to bond with him decades ago. So how far is Jade prepared to go when Malach’s first love, who’d believed him dead all these years, comes knocking on her door?

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format: eBook
Words: 71,000

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Contains content that may not be suitable for readers 17 and under.

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About the Author

Maree writes romance and young adult fiction of the paranormal, fantasy and Sci-Fi persuasion. She’s Kiwi, a New Zealander, and she’s addicted to chocolate—the darker the better. Not to mention coffee and excellent Kiwi wine. She’s not quite so addicted to her local gym but she’s working on it ;-)

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